Conference Messages

Conference messages recorded and posted by Aaron Locker on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/1424241

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Zender on Revelation
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8:01 News 

Typhoon Haiyan / Houses on Left Bank 
Healthcare Fix Proposal / Lady Gaga Rocks Big Apple
Stock Market Hits Record High / MSNBC Pulls Alec Baldwin

Conference Highlights

Chicago 2009
See the sites at the Chicagoland Conference in Fox Lake hosted by Dan and Becky Sheridan.

Amarillo 2009 - Photo Montage
Fun times of fellowship at the Palo Duro Canyon Ultimate Reconciliation Retreat. (Courtesy of the Millers).

Amarillo 2009 - Sports Conference
Martin Zender and Dan Sheridan make time for fun and recreation at the recent Scripture conference in Amarillo.


The Making of "Fake Jesus" (See FAKE JESUS - click here)

Psycho Boy
In this premier video offering from Yeah-Yeah Productions, Martin Zender's friends are worried he's going crazy; he is believing everything the Bible says about him. They send him to noted therapist Dr. William Winbigler, who will surely cure him of his grandiose delusions. But who's really deluded—patient or doctor?

Underhanded Smoking Heroes Pt. 1
Underhanded Smoking Heroes Pt. 2
Jesus Christ saves sinners, not people who reform themselves. Jesus Christ freed us from the guilt and condemnation of sin. Does that mean that a person can be free from sin WHILE smoking a cigarette? Yes! The practical result of this little-known truth may surprise you.

Ludington, Mi 2008
God does all the saving, and we do all the being saved. In other words, our contribution to the gospel is sin. Finally! Something we're good at! Enjoy this fun video from the studios of WKLA in Ludington, Michigan.

End Times

Martin Zender discusses the four beasts of Daniel, Chapter 7.

Martin Zender/Dan Sheridan Show

WBRI Radio Studio Tour
Martin Zender gives a brief tour of the WBRI radio studios in Indianapolis.

Crack O' Dawn Report

Will We See Our Pets in Heaven?
Romans 14: Into the Frying Pan
Last Guys Finish First
Good News for Those Who Cuss
Our Lives on God's Hard Drive, Part 1
Our Lives on God's Hard Drive, Part 2
Our Lives on God's Hard Drive, Part 3
When You Just Can't Love Certain People

The Terrible Ten Commandment Church Sign
No Pain, No Gain
The Free Will of Ronald McDonald
Faith in Christ vs. Faith in Faith
Predestination and Gummy Bears
The Special Salvation of Believers
The God of the Holocaust
Adam, Where Are You?
How To Be A Consistent Human Free Will Type Person

God Put Obama in the White House
The Bible's Greatest Evangelist Sucked at It
God Drafts Ignoble People
The Stupidity That Leads to Depravity
Christianity is an Evil Empire
Woman Are Beautiful, and So Is God
Martin Zender's Practical Guide to Lusting
For Freedom Christ Frees Us
Grace Has Power
Just Take Christ Out of Christmas
Christianity is God's Worst PR Nightmare
Not Everyone Hears About Jesus Before They Die
How Destroyed Was Sodom & Gomorrah?
Will the Mark of The Beast Be a Cross?
Thank You, God, for Everything
Satan Lives in Churches, Not Strip Clubs
I Know What the Lake of Fire Is
I Know What the Second Death Is
God Creates Evil, but I Don't Have to Like It
Christians Are Modern Pharisees
The Arrival of Rebecca
The Christian God Hates Rob Bell
Eternal Torment Believers Are Nuts
Common Objections to the Reality of Death
How to Save Yourself From Hell at a Christian Altar Call
How to Survive Dumb Government
Law Came to Make People Sin More
Addiction Via Religion; The Sage of Cookie Lady
Free Will Kills
The Trinity Denies the Death of Christ

If It Moves, It's Saved
Don't Eff With Grapes
God Hates Organized Religion
Why Aren't Resurrected People Furious?
All Is Vanity
Fake Jesus
The 99.9% Syndrome
The Story of Job
The Locusts of Revelation 9
The Locusts of Revelation 9, Part 2
Adolph Hitler and Mother Teresa
Christmas & Easter

Zender/McCoy Google Hangout Messages

Zender/McCoy: The Danger of Christianese Part I
Zender/McCoy: The Danger of Christianese Part 2
Zender/McCoy: The Danger of Christianese Part 3: The Word "Holy"
Zender/McCoy: The Danger of Christianese Part 4: Who is "Satan"?
Zender/McCoy: The Danger of Christianese Part 5: What is a Christian?
Zender/McCoy: The Danger of Christianese Part 6