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Report #16:  Adam, Where Are You? 
In Genesis 3:9, God utters the epic question, "Adam, where are you?" Was God really ignorant of Adam's whereabouts? Of course not. Whenever God refers to Himself as a man or seems taken aback by His creation, it's a figure of speech known as "Condescension." To base absolute truth on figures of speech is a terrible mistake--and yet people make it all the time. Zender follows the figurative God through Eden, demonstrating the absurdity of a Deity truly out of touch with His creatures.
the God of the HolocaustReport #15:  The God of the Holocaust
If God controls everything in this world, then was He responsible for the Holocaust, which witnessed the death of 6 million Jews? As difficult as it is for some people to even entertain this belief, it is a far nobler thought than that entertained in churches across America every Sunday. In this week's Crack O' Dawn Report, Martin Zender rubs your nose in the Christian teaching concerning God's People, and then asks the question: "Just who is the nut job here?"
Crack o' Dawn Report: The Special Salvation of BelieversReport #14:  The Special Salvation of Believers
If God saves only those who believe in Him, then why does 1 Timothy 4:10 say that God is the Savior of all mankind, especially of believers? In this Crack O' Dawn Report, Martin Zender demonstrates from parallel passages of scripture that those who believe today get much more and come in much earlier than the rest of mankind--but the rest of mankind does come--eventually. If it doesn't, then God is not the Savior of all mankind.
Predestination and Gummy BearsReport #13:  Predestination and Gummy Bears
What does the apostle Paul mean when he says that believers are designated beforehand to believe in Christ? He means exactly what he says! But what about those who aren't predestined? Does God have a plan for them, too? Yes--and it's glorious, not ghoulish. Join Martin Zender on this morning's Crack O' Dawn Report as dips into the candy jar to illustrate a profound, Scriptural truth.

Faith in Christ vs Faith in FaithReport #12:  Faith in Christ vs. Faith in Faith
Do you have faith in Christ, or faith in your faith in Christ? The Christian religion makes personal faith the thing we exchange for salvation. This makes faith but a bartering chip. The result is salvation by works in sheep's clothing. Join Martin Zender for what may be the most important Crack O' Dawn Report you've ever listened to.

The Free Will of Ronald McDonaldReport #11:  The Free Will of Ronald McDonald
What do Ronald McDonald, Adolph Hitler, Mother Theresa, Satan, Lady Gaga, Brit Hume, Bill Gates, Madonna, Prince Charles, Prince, and most Christians, have in common? A belief in human free will. But is human free will actually true? Join Martin Zender as he not only looks into the scriptures on this important topic, but considers the testimony of Ronald McDonald himself.

No Pain No GainReport #10:  No Pain, No Gain
Everyone wants to live an easy life, but do we really know what's good for us? Leave it to God to take us out of our comfort zones and subject us to trial. Is He doing it to us, or for us? For us! In this edition of the Crack O Dawn Report, Martin Zender explores both natural and spiritual examples of the no pain, no gain principle. God disciplines those He loves, and the peaceful fruit of this action wildly outperforms the investment.
The Terrible Ten Commandment Church SignReport #9:  The Terrible Ten Commandment Church Sign
The Ten Commandments came to make people sin more, not less (Romans 5:20), and drive them to Christ. Those under grace no longer need law! Since this is so, why do churches still put up signs promoting the law of Moses? Join Martin Zender and the Crack O' Dawn players as they re-enact an historic meeting between our man Martin and a law-loving pastor whose real name shall not be identified--until about 5 minutes into the video.
When You Just Can't Love Other PeopleReport #8:  When You Just Can't Love Other People
Are some people unlovable? Not to God, but to us--yes. What if you just can't work up the love to love someone? Does that mean you're a bad Christian? No. It means that God has not yet given you a spirit of love. Love is a gift of the spirit, not an exercise of will or a New Year's resolution. So cut yourself some slack--or, watch this episode of the Crack O' Dawn Report, and let Martin Zender cut it for you.
Our Lives on God's Hard Drive Part 3Report #7:  Our Lives on God's Hard Drive, Part 3
Here is the final installment of Martin Zender's return to his boyhood home. All of the evil things we experience in this life are temporary, setting us up for the permanent joys of our heavenly home. The experience of evil is about contrast: temporary pain buys permanent pleasure. Realizing this truth will help you endure life's many hardships.
Our Lives on God's Hard Drive Part 2Report #6:  Our Lives on God's Hard Drive, Part 2
In this edition of the Crack O' Dawn Report, Martin Zender returns to his boyhood home of Canton, Ohio, to show you the times and places that will provide such delicious contrast to a celestial destiny. 
Our Lives on God's Hard Drive Part 1Report #5:  Our Lives on God's Hard Drive, Part 1
When we're in heaven, will we remember what we went through down here? Yes! The only way to enjoy continual bliss there is to recall the vast struggles here. Our perspective then will be: "Thank God for everything we went through!" In this edition of the Crack O' Dawn Report, Martin Zender takes you to his boyhood home of Canton, Ohio, and shows you some of the times and places of his life.
Good News For Those Who CussReport #4:  Good News for Those Who Cuss
Here is good news for those who sometimes utter the occasional colorful phrase containing the names of God and His Son, Jesus Christ: Taking God's name in vain has nothing whatsoever to do with cursing. Surprised? Many "holy" people who would never in a million years "God-damn" anything, actually take His name in vain 24 hours a day. How is this possible? Tune in to this edition of Martin Zender's Crack O' Dawn Report to find out.
Last guys finish firstReport #3:  Last Guys Finish First
Feel like the world is passing you by? Good! In God's program, last guys finish first. David proved that against Goliath with a slingshot. More recently, another man named David took down three giants--with a golf cap. Ever hear of Dave Wottle? Neither had anyone else until the 800 meter finals in the 1972 Munich Olympics. After this episode of Martin Zender's Crack O' Dawn Report, you will never forget him.
Romans 14 Into the frying panReport #2:  Romans 14 - Into the Frying Pan
Are believers in Christ free to pursue their personal passions? What if other people consider these passions sin? In his latest Crack O' Dawn Report, Martin Zender takes us to Romans, chapter 14, and shows us the line between exercising faith and flaunting it
Will we see our pets in heavenReport #1:  Will we see our pets in heaven?
Martin Zender reports from his kitchen about cats, turtles, three-toed sloths, and that dog of yours. Does God love animals? You bet. Will all animals be with God forever? According to this verse, they certainly will: "Creation itself shall be freed from the slavery of corruption" (Rom. 8:21). Meow.

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