How to Quit Church Without Quitting God
7 good reasons to escape the box.

2002 by Martin Zender

Hardcover. 186 pages.Illustrated.


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Reader Reviews
         "This book is a must read for any one who is struggling with the question of 'How can a loving God be so cruel?'. Before this question drives you crazy, read this book." 

           "For the longest time, I was having trouble reconciling what I knew about God with what I knew about church.  I cried out to God to bring me into truth no matter how painful it might be.  Then, while browsing through the 'Christian' section of the library, I came across your book...I read it through twice.  What a feeling of liberation came over me.  For the first time in my life, I feel I have insight into the true nature of God. 
            Thank you, MZ, for putting down on paper what I've been seeking for so long."

      "I couldn't put the book down."


            "Thank you! Thank you!  My husband and I left church about 5 yrs. ago. We began our own search for truth in the scriptures and are daily amazed at what the Holy Spirit shows us and dumbfounded at how much the 'church' has completely wrong. We've been called 'heretics' and told that we're being deceived by Satan.
                Finding Zender's book was a God-send. His Web site rocks as well."


            "I'd rather hang out with God and be myself and enjoy my life than have to work hard at performing for the religious crowd, who are never pleased for long. What a relief.  
                If anyone else tries to shame me or hit me over the head with religious guilt, I will hit them over the head with your book!   Amen!" 


            "I would like to commend you on your book. It is wonderful. I feel so much more comfortable and peaceful about my choices to have an independent or "freelance" relationship with God. I feel like I am always being attacked for not belonging to a church. I was raised Catholic, similar to yourself, and because of the all of the crazy rules I would sit in church and ask for the real answers. 
                I do not feel so alone anymore."


"You nailed the subject dead on right.  I've been saying for at least 25 years that 'Church' has been turned into nothing more than a Sunday morning touchy-feely good social club. Since I haven't stopped believing what I read in my Bible it looks like I'm now attending the church of one until I can find some folks that have managed to deprogram enough to think for themselves.  
                 I liked your book and will likely read it a few times over. Keep writing the truth, please!"


            "Thanks for writing such a wonderful book, an eye opener for the searching souls.     
                  God bless"


           "While visiting the library last week I came upon your book...the moment I opened it I had to sit down because I had found someone who understood my feelings. With tears in my eyes I read half the book right there in the library.  I know that I am just starting on this new way of thinking but I feel free for the first time as a 'Christian'.
                Thank you for giving my muddled feelings accurate words and for your reforming and purifying book."


            "My husband and I left the church 20 years ago. I CANNOT go back to the religion that has a form of godliness and denies the power thereof - and be entangled again in the yoke of bondage that the law of liberty has set me free from. There is NOTHING to go back to.
                    Thanks for writing the book. It's so painfully true, and yet I never laughed so hard in my life; the "can't catch your breath, tears running down your face" kind of laughing.  I needed that - haven't laughed like that for years!

                    Thanks, Martin.  We're right there with you".

  -L Herron

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