Martin Zender


At the age of 19, I quit the Catholic religion in which I grew up, bought my own copy of the Bible, and began to seek for myself. Here, on this Web site, you will find some of the answers I have found over the past thirty years. Click on "Q&A" to discover that other people probably have some of the same questions you and I have. To read excerpts from my writings, as well as from my personal correspondence, click on "Essays, Articles, Letters & Stories" To read excerpts from my books, click on "Books, etc." I wrote my first book, "How to Quit Church Without Quitting God," to help freedom-seekers discover, among other things, this amazing truth: The phrase "go to church" is not to be found anywhere in the Scriptures. Oh, and this: Jesus Christ Himself is not a member of the Christian religion.

If you click "ZenderTalk," youíll find rollicking studies recorded from my "undisclosed location on top of the post office, across from the bank, and a short walk from the library." These 130 shows are of more value than a seminary education. How can I say that? Because the teachings make sense, theyíre scriptural, and no one forced me through a religion mill before I recorded them. I tackle such diverse topics as sin, salvation, death, hell, sex, Satan, free willóand Amish underwear. Yes, thatís right, Amish underwear. Why Amish underwear? I will tell you. (Not many people would do this for you, but I will. I do not fear it.) I have discovered that under all the religious garb, the soul of the Amish woman yearns to breathe free. How did I discover this? By simply glancing at an Amish laundry line one day from my passing car. Is this revelation important for you to know? Hell yes. Otherwise, I would not have mentioned it.

Why is this Web site different? I have nothing for you to join. And neither am I asking you to sign a statement of faith. Iím not demanding that you "get back with me." (But youíre sure as heck invited to.) I am the organizer of nothing, the beggar of no one, the captain of no one's spiritual walk. And neither do I insist that you believe what I tell you. I only invite you to look at what you may never have seen before in Godís Word and consider it for yourself. I apologize ahead of time for sometimes speaking bluntly. Itís just that time is running out and weíve got to get to the point.

Here may be the deal in a nutshell: "I believe in Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, I just don't belong to the fan club that claims to own the franchise on Him."

Welcome to Explore and enjoy. This site is continuously updated with new articles, photos, sound clips and videos. May God bless your visit.