ZENDER & SHERIDAN KICKED OFF THE AIR                                            


February 3, 2010

Hello, everyone; Martin Zender here. Without warning, Wilkins Radio cancelled our show not only on WBRI in Indianapolis, but on all our affiliate stations. The preliminary reason given was: “Programming changes.” But on all the stations? And in the middle of a broadcasting week? This sounded suspect to us. Dan’s repeated calls to the station owner have gone unreturned. Not only this, but the boot came in the midst of a contract. The owner went so far as to tell the WBRI on-site producer: “Don’t even let them in the building.” Our conclusion, naturally, is that our content finally ruffled too many religious feathers.

Many of you have written and said, “We can’t believe you guys are still on the air.” We felt the same way, at times wondering if the studio brass were even listening. Dan and I never held back truth, and we never will. We would rather be kicked off a hundred radio stations (98 to go) than to compromise God’s truth. The bottom line is: We consider it an honor to suffer evil with the evangel.

With you, we thank God that He gave us these airwaves for as long as He did. The Word went forth with power. Who knows how many lives were changed? Who knows how many more members of the body of Christ heard their calling? We thank you, our loyal listeners, for your prayers and encouragement, as well as your financial assistance. We have all done a worthy thing, and can rightly feel good about it. These 118 shows will be archived on my website for as long as this eon lasts. Since the truth is timeless, our content will continue to bless many, even if Dan and I (God forbid) never broadcast another word together. Please continue to point your friends to the Martin Zender/Dan Sheridan Show.

Don’t think that we’re giving up. At present, we are looking for another site from which to broadcast. Unless we land another radio gig (which is always possible), we will record content exclusively to the website, and not over the airwaves.

We don’t know how many weeks it will be before we can get things situated. Dan is suffering some real trials now both with his “real” job and with some other personal situations, so please keep him in your prayers. If and when we do return, I will e-mail you. We will make our plans, but of course God will decide the outcome.

Again, thank you for everything. And keep sending people to the shows. There is no better time than now for spiritual enlightenment.

I remain yours in the grace of God,