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People Who Believe In Eternal Torment Really Believe It

It takes a calloused heart to truly believe Christianity's most precious delusion.


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Their God Is Human Free Will

For Christians, Christ is a Savior in name only. What really saves them, in their minds, is their own free will.


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Enemies of the Cross of Christ

Most Christians are enemies of the cross of Christ. How can it be? Listen to this.


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The Snare of the Cross

Not even Christians can accept the completeness of the cross of Christ.


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Return To Zender 2: Disney Wants You Doubting Death

Just when you think that you're safe from the "Immortality of the Soul" waters, here comes freaking "Coco



Return To Zender 1: Donald Trump & Jesus Christ
Donald Trump has a lot in common with Jesus Christ. Does he have a lot in common with the antichrist?



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