Martin Zender Goes to Hell
a critical review of an uncriticized doctrine
© 2004 by Martin Zender
Paperback. 100 pages. Illustrated.


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Published by Starke & Hartmann
P.O. Box 6473
Canton, OH 44706








“God used this small book to change my life. After fifteen years in the pulpit, I finally understand what hell is. Better late than never.”


—J. Marcus Oglesby, M.Div.   


“The best thing about this book is that it brings up so many points not dealt with anywhere else. For instance, a major stumbling block people have in accepting the truth is: Why would God allow so many people to be wrong? People can’t believe God would make falsehood popular and put truth on the road less traveled by. Martin shows from scripture that this is always the way God works. I believe a door is now open for thousands of people to believe the truth.

                                                         —Steven R. Doan

"This is simply the best book on hell I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a few. I just hope nobody stumbles at its simplicity. Hey! People! The truth isn’t necessarily complicated!"


—Bill Evelyn


"Martin Zender has begun a new genre of literature. Call it: Theotainment. The only writer I can compare him to is C.S. Lewis, but Lewis was a little short on theology and never once showed a Mexican man improvising a song from Matthew, chapter 25, to the tune of Oh, Susannah."


—Marlene Geddes


"The Wright Brothers. Thomas Edison. Henry Ford. Martin Zender. You think I’m kidding? Then maybe you think cars, airplanes and light bulbs are more important than bringing the human race to a better understanding of God."


—Dennis Balotta

"Zender does more for thr true seeker in 100 pages than does all of Christendom with her endless, stupefying volumes."

—James Yost

"Why has it taken so long for someone to write a book like this? Thank God for Martin Zender!"


—Jeannie Moore

"When I got to the Mexican guy singing about hydrating Israelites so he could go to heaven, I laughed so hard I thought I was going to choke!" 

—Michelle Hong