Reason Five:


Jesus accomplished many fine things on the cross for the sake of the whole world: "Our advocate before the Father is Jesus Christ and he is just, the one who made personal atonement for our sins and for those of the rest of the world as well."*

Satan canít do anything to ruin this. But he can do a lot to keep people from knowing about it. Satanís main weapon is hypocrisy. He packs this hypocrisy into the pill of false teaching. Then he grinds that pill into a batter of confusion, cooks it on the griddle of religion, and serves it every Sunday with organ music and good singing. (It has to look good, taste good and sound good or people wonít swallow it.)

If you think Satan is a mythological figure, try to start my car. I donít give Satan more power than he has, but I donít sell him short, either. He doesnít have a pitch fork or a pointy tail like the Christian tracts paint him. Satan loves that caricature. Why shouldnít he? He invented it. And he distributes it through the unwitting cooperation of the many Christian tract companies.

Satan's goal is to turn the world from God.  He wants people to look at God and say:" What an idiot."  Does alcohol turn the world from God? No, people addicted to alcohol generally turn to God.  Does pornography turn the world from God?  No.  A man does not look at the picture of a naked woman and say, "God is an idiot."

Satan turns the world from God through people who roll down church aisles.  He turns the world from God through hypocrites who say, "my salvation is nothing of myself," then who point to unchurched people and say," it's their own fault they're going to hell".  He turns the world from God through hypocrites who say, "salvation by faith is of grace," then who damn the world for faithlessness. 

The world is so sick of Christian hypocrisy. They're sick of hearing about "grace" in one breath, "damnation" in the next. They're sick of the strange Christian god who loves people "unconditionally," up until the time He damns them for not loving Him back. 

*(1 John2:2)

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