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Dear Korean Dude 1
A Korean woman visits hell. It's hot!

Since today is January 6th (the Feast of the Epiphany) and tomorrow will be Christmas according to the Julian calendar (my dear grandmother who came to Canada from Ukraine in 1927 used to celebrate the feast on January 7th), greetings and Happy New Year. Well, so far I have gone 0-for-2 in terms of getting a reply from you to questions. Should I go for the trifecta? Yeah, heck, why not?

I currently reside in Korea. In Seoul recently on a weekend excursion, in one of the largest bookstores in the city, yours truly came across for the first time the book "Heaven is So Real," by the Korean-American woman ChooNam Thomas. In said book, she describes how, beginning in 1996, Jesus himself on many occasions transported her through Heaven, but she also narrated how she was shown Hell. In Hell, she saw many of her relatives, including her father and mother (her parents had been non-religious). Mrs. Thomas lamentably reported that Jesus said that God the Father had to keep her mother in Hell forever for not coming to belief in Jesus. Jesus was clear that her mother’s punishment would be forever. Of course, this saddened Mrs. Thomas very deeply; she could even hear the agonies of her mother as she repeatedly cried out the Korean equivalent of "Hot! Hot!" Jesus, apparently, was saddened too, and he wiped away Choo Nam’s tears, but he clearly said there was no appealing the Father’s decree.

In light of the total transformation in the character of Mrs. Thomas (formerly, she had been indifferent to religion, but after becoming a Christian in 1992, she has totally dedicated herself to God, and has won many converts, including her formerly-atheist husband), she seems like a creditable witness. Moreover, she was taught by Jesus that all the revelations made by Mary Baxter (who also testified that Jesus had escorted her through Hell, also showing her many souls who were destined to be punished for all eternity) were entirely correct. In light of these revelations, directly from Jesus to two different humans, how can you argue that Hell is not eternal? Surely a direct revelation from God trumps your own interpretation of Scripture (especially when your interpretation directly conflicts with the viewpoint of the vast majority of believers throughout human history). Is it not a touch presumptuous to think that so many great saints throughout the passage of time could be wrong (intellectual giants like Augustine, Aquinas, and Bonaventure, just to quote a few from the beginning of the alphabet), and you correct?

Don’t get me wrong—perhaps my earlier questions were phrased a little intemperately, but actually of course I wish you were correct. Of course, that’s all it is—wishful thinking. Obviously God has created Hell to be eternal for perfectly good reasons. It is presumptuous for mere humans to think that merely because they don’t like it that God is going to change His mind. God hates sin so much that no punishment is too severe. We humans are just so corrupt that we can’t see how manifestly just an eternal hell is. That’s how wretched we are—we’ve turned every correct judgment upside down. We don’t want to accept the divine decree, but God is not constrained to follow our petty whims. He has revealed the truth. We can accept it, and be spared his wrath, or break our wills against it, and suffer the eternal and irrevocable consequences.

You speak of my interpretations of scripture, as compared to the interpretations of others. But verses like 1 Timothy 4:10 do not need interpreted, only believed: "God is the Savior of all mankind, especially of believers." Apparently, you don’t believe that. Romans 5:18 does not need interpreted, only believed. 1 Corinthians 15:22 does not need interpreted, only believed. Colossians 1:20 does not need interpreted, only believed. You are not acquainted with the sacred scriptures. If you spent half the amount of time reading scriptures critically instead of the unscriptural and ungodly ramblings of deceived women, you may grasp the truth on this topic. When you speak on "hell," are you talking about Gehenna, hades, or tartarus? The KJV and other versions have lumped these three distinct Greek words under the unscriptural catch-all: hell.

I could also list church fathers—alphabetically, I suppose—who believe in the salvation of all. Origen would be one of them.You write: "God hates sin so much that no punishment is too severe." Ever hear of the cross? At the cross, Jesus Christ took away the sin of the world (Jn. 1:29). Apparently, you don’t think Jesus succeeded. God hates sin so much that He sent His Son to do away with it. You say: "We humans are just so corrupt that we can’t see how manifestly just an eternal hell is." Well, you are so brainwashed by religion that you can’t see how manifestly unrighteous God would be if such a thing as eternal hell were true. You speak of "correct judgment" without knowing anything about it. Apparently, God doesn’t know anything about it, either. How can anyone receive correct judgment when the judgment of eternal hell lasts forever?

Please order my book, Martin Zender Goes to Hell. Honestly, it will straighten this topic out for you. You say that you wish the salvation of all were true, but I sincerely doubt that. I honestly think you like the idea of sinners getting what you think is coming to them. Apparently you were never a sinner? And how were you saved, sir? By grace, or by exercising your free will? It is was by exercising your free will, then it was not by grace, and if it was by grace, then it was not by exercising your free will. And if by grace, then why you and not the rest? Is grace picky and choosy?

The women you mentioned are worse than deceivers, and I don’t care what good might have come from their delusions. Besides, how much of it was based on fear? You are gullible if you think these women received "a direct revelation from God." None of what they heard or saw agrees with any scripture whatsoever, correctly translated.

I pray that god acquaints you with grace and truth in this lifetime. Let God be true, though every man a liar.