homeschool, membership application, compromising faith

Dear Fence Straddler
This guy fears man, not God


To: Alan

From: Martin Zender

Date:  October 10, 1994

Subject: Home School Letter

It is my hope that the enclosed letter (see "Letter to the Committee") convicts your heart. Remember how we talked about Clinton last night, that he is a pawn in something bigger and uglier than himself? I see that happening to you in ARCHE (Ashton Regional Christian Home Educators). That ARCHE cannot make decisions without consulting "state and national leaders" tells me that what may have begun as a closely-knit fellowship of believers has become apron-strung to politics. This is what happened to Christianity in the third century, when it became "Christendom" under Constantine. That ARCHE is politically regulated and contains the word "Christian" makes it the prototype of the end-time, one-world religion that will make war with the saints. In a subtle way, ARCHE is already doing that; one cannot join (buy or sell) unless one signs a document (takes a mark) written by man. If only the Christian Home School group were not labeled "Christian." May God grant you ears to hear, eyes to see.

The decision to reject my membership application has not come out of your heart, I know that. You know it is wrong. My question, then, must be: Why are you carrying it out? Why are you compromising the faith? Why are your hands on the controls of an organization that destroys the unity of the faith? In your letter, you are "bound" by the organization. Why, being free in Christ, do you seek to be bound to men? You "personally" would love to see me a part of the group, yet you "cannot." How long can you straddle the fence between serving the system and serving Christ? I exhort you, Alan: Fear God, not man!

I only hope that my letter has not bred animosity in you.

Please do me the kindness of giving a copy of this letter to each of the executive committee. And send one to each of those "state and national leaders" you mentioned. These who are so concerned about "reclaiming America back to God" should perhaps examine their own hearts. May my words, under God, convict them.

In the service of God,